Beethoven 8' is the epitome of family destination. We don't believe in focusing on one specific group of our segmented consumers, because we believe in something larger than this - our target consumer is you and the entire family. In the modern society and its hustle and bustle lifestyle, it has become the real challenge to interact with people even with your family members. Our sole aim is to provide you a place where you can talk to yourselves and find the nirvana within yourselves. We call that place "Beethoven 8." It is a single canopy which will provide the shadow of togetherness and strong sense of belongingness among your family. We have something for everyone.

Teenagers at 'Eight Heaven'
Teenager tends to go out and hang around with their friends. Insecurity and unsure status of their social interactive community often take the breath away from the parents, wouldn't it be amazing for the parents if your adolescent children have their positive and progressive friendly community interaction in front of your eyes. We also keep that in mind teenagers love their privacy, especially no intervention of their guardians while growing up and exploring the world. Here you will find the fine blending of these two solutions.

The moon rises where '8' starts - Architecture blends with culture.
We all love our festivals; these have been a cohesive bonding factor since ancient era. We meet new people, relatives whom we can hardly meet because of our heavy congestion of other commitments in life either professional or personal. 'Beethoven 8' is the product of intense understanding of your required space (both mind and landscaping) and your strong inclination to be the proactive member of our rich culture. Whether it is Karva Chauth, Holi, Christmas or Ester's party, or Dandiya space-should not be an obstruction when life calls for a shot.
Project Identity
Innovation eliminates crisis, prosperity lights up the symphony with the vibration of unity. Unifying ourselves is the key tone of our orchestra. We create when we have the ability to mobile our thought or ideas and reach out everyone with ease flow. It is our nature and the way we think; we associate supremely with music and its innocence approach to touch our emotion and be touched by it.

This might sound lyrical; however Beethoven stands for rich culture, comfort, easy accessibility to quantum the quality of your life.

"Beethoven 8" is the finest composition of Agrante, which brings equality, interpret the missing link and perform to delight.

It is said that when a composition is at par of its honesty and weaved by people true emotional thread; it is being heard. Our line of approaches is not different. "Beethoven 8" is the pillar of delivered promises and emotional connection, which makes it richer in its genre.

What Beethoven Stands For? Beethoven was a great composer and pianist who remain one of the most famous and influential in all composers. The main reason behind his superiority was his supreme ability to connect with the nature of music and the courage to go beyond the convention. Likewise, we don't focus much on inventing new things we rather build our strong command on combining existing possibilities and make a seamless product which can bring – Green/ life/ happiness to you, which we call "Samridhi".

Our true and real intention and our core philosophy ignited the origination of "Beethoven 8." Beethoven stands for symphony, equality, innovation, moreover, and emotional connectivity; the number 8 drafts the other significance of its existence.
Site Layout
Payment Plan
  • Interest free maintanance Security (IFMS) Rs 100 /- sq.ft.
  • Club Membership Rs. 100000/- per apartment.
  • Stamp Duty, Registration Charges as applicable on the date of registratiion shall be payable post the last instalment .
  • One Covered car parking per apartment.
  • PLC as applicable.
  • Cheque should be in favour of  "AGRANTE REALTY LTD."
  • Service tax as applicableon various products as determined by the govt .is payable.
  • Charges levies cesses etc as determined by authorities while grant of licenses are subject to change & Agrante has no control over the same.

Location Plan
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